Choose a Best Indoor Tanning Lotion

There are many types of indoor tanning lotions available and there are difficult to choose a best indoor tanning lotion in cheap price. You can easily purchase this lotion as it is available in affordable price. The ingredients of this lotion are sunflower oil and some essential vitamins that give a softer look to skin.


  1. Tingle indoor lotion

This lotion is mostly used in salons as it gives the beautiful bronze color to the body. This lotion contains the important ingredient tingle powder T2 which is very effective in tanning process because this formula increase the blood flow as well as tanning activity. You have to seek an expert guide while using it. This lotion is best for those who complain about their aging because this lotion contains anti aging agent. You will see the results within days.

2.      Watermelon maximizes tanning lotion

This lotion contains agents that give golden tan to the body. It also contains watermelon essence and extracts that softens the body. This lotion is quite better than other lotions as it contains natural watermelon extract and other vitamins that not only tan the skin but it soft and smooth.

3.      Black bronzer tanning lotion

This lotion can be handled at home. Like other lotions, you visit salons this lotion does not require visits to salons you can easily apply it at home. This lotion is so cheap that anyone can buy it easily. This tanning lotion is more preferable for bed tanning. The best quality of this lotion  is that it contains auto tanning agents that are absent in other tanning lotions and follow us.

4.      Slam bronzer tanning lotion

This is a special one. It contains shells of walnut for quick tanning of skin. You will get the results even within hours of application.

While going for any brand of tanning lotions make sure that the lotion you are selecting for your skin better suits your skin and has no side effects after application.


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